If you were to close your eyes and go back to a time of high school crushes, glitter pens, and secret diaries, you would find pop's newest sensation Amina. Born Amina Sabria Gaines fifteen years ago in Columbia, South Carolina, Amina is the perfect picture of a teenage pop star.
With sugary sweet vocals, an infectious smile and an undeniable dose of charm, Amina has managed to captivate every crowd she has entertained, especially in her hometown of Columbia. Amina's mother recalls her singing and performing for family and friends before she was in kindergarten. She believes it was just understood that her daughter would one day be a star. Amina wrote and recorded her first song before she was ten years old. Amina's penchant for entertaining was fed by watching music stars on TV. She would attempt to bring the energy she witnessed on television to her church choir solos and school chorus performances. While in elementary Amina admired chart-topping divas such as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston. "I loved how they put their everything into their songs and performances," she says. Although she is decades behind her idols, Amina says she tries to give her all when performing. It helps that she feels more at home on stage and in the studio than anywhere else, she readily admits.
A connection with AJ of Quantum beats resulted in Amina's first official single "Crush". Amina wrote the lyrics herself about a school crush. After the song was recorded, Amina and her family felt the magic of the song. The pop tune that relives a young girls diary entry about her crush resonated with every audience that heard the song. She performed the song for Kids Day 2010 in Columbia, SC and the teen crowds went crazy. "Crush" became an overnight local hit and Amina began receiving opportunities to perform the song for various events in the surrounding areas. After being spotted during a performance by a representative for Tastee cosmetics, Amina was offered the opportunity to be the celebrity spokesmodel for the newly formed makeup line geared towards teens and young adults. She has also done several ads for urban clothier Akademiks.
Although things are happening fast in her career, Amina comes from a close knit family has managed to remain grounded and has remained unapologetically a teenager. She is unafraid of hard work and believes in southern hospitality with everyone she encounters. "I have met some really nice people who have really helped me so far," Amina acknowledges. She looks forward to pursuing her career and one day being able to walk the same stages as her mentors Mariah and Whitney. She also would like to be a role model for other young girls her age. "I want to make music that people will remember for a long time," she says. If she continues on the path that has been set for her, her future looks bright. One thing is for sure, after being introduced to the young star, audiences are sure to remember the name Amina.